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The company has been operating on the market of customs and forwarding services since 2007. In 2013, it was transformed into a company.

From the beginning, our mission is professionalism, diligence and honesty in the pursuit of satisfaction and satisfaction of the customer who has placed his trust in us. Consistent implementation of the intended goals and the appropriate selection of staff who perform their work with passion and commitment contribute to our mutual success every day. Our main task is to comprehensively represent the client's interests before the customs authorities in Poland, including customs consultancy in the field of foreign trade. We provide services to large business entities, small family businesses as well as individual clients. Using our knowledge and practice gained in cooperation with the customs administration as well as domestic and foreign entities, we create the image of a modern company. We have 4 branches of customs agencies: Chełm, Międzyrzec Podlaski, Tomaszów Lubelski and Radymno.

We deal with customs services in the international trade of goods (EX, TIR, CMR etc.)

A competent, experienced, well-organized team that provides knowledge and assistance, will meet all customer requirements. Our clients are served in a nice and friendly manner. The cost of services is tailored individually to the client's needs and depends on the number of documents prepared, the length of the presented cases and many other factors. We offer discounts for our regular customers.

TIR - Transport International Routier

International Customs Convention of November 14, 1975, relating to the carriage of goods by truck in international transport, allowing the simplification of procedures at border crossings and customs offices in order to increase the efficiency of road transport.

A truck traveling on a TIR carnet leaving one country is - according to the TIR Convention - checked and sealed at border crossings or at any customs office located in the center of the country of exportation, and it is unsealed and inspected only in the destination country, while all country borders transit passes with the formalities reduced to a minimum.

Customs Duty - A tax levied by the state on goods

A duty is a duty levied by a state on goods in connection with their exportation and importation through the customs frontiers of a state, as well as their transit through its customs territory.

The duty, mainly used to protect domestic industry, is the primary tool of economic protectionism. At present, however, in view of the progressing globalization processes, customs and other tools for the protection of internal markets are losing their importance and the concept of free trade is becoming dominant in international trade.

Many countries create customs unions, thus eliminating customs duties in trade with each other and at the same time unifying the customs policy towards third countries.

Services of our Customs Agency - we cordially invite you!

We have a wide range of services:

  • Resettlement property,
  • Postal parcels clearance,
  • Import, Export, SAD EX,
  • Carnet TIR,
  • transit, closing T1, CMR, EUR1,
  • CO - Certificate of Origin,
  • Inward processing, outward processing,
  • Carnet ATA, INF3
We help in organizing the reloading of goods at the Customs Office.